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Weddings are in the spotlight on WE tv. Bulging Brides focuses on brides who desperately need to get in shape with only 6-8 weeks left before their wedding. The show premiered on the 17th of February, but is replaying several times over the week if you missed it. The next new episode airs February 24th and features Heidi a bride who can’t seem to get it together. Her impending bachelorette party makes her realize she needs to get on the ball because the wedding is just around the corner.

Each episode features personal trainer Tommy Europe and nutrition specialist Nadeen Boman stepping in to get these brides in shape. A study by Cornell University reports that more than 70 percent of brides want to lose weight and get in shape for their big day. Many even go to the extreme and buy dresses that are too small to give themselves a reason to do it. However, as always the best intentions rarely turn into reality, and most of those brides are not in the shape they want to be as the day approaches.

Tune in to enjoy a realistic (‘cause all of us get personal coaches to push us, right?) look at a bride’s struggle to impress her man on the biggest day of their lives. I am currently considering the possibility of divorcing my husband and getting remarried just so I can get on this show and lose some weight…

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