The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 11 - I Ain't No Judas Sneak Peek

Last night's episode of The Walking Dead started off fairly standard and ramped up to be one of the more exciting episodes of the season when all was said and done. What will "I Ain't No Judas" bring? Based on the clips we have to show you, plans, arguments and warnings.

After some earlier moments in last night's episode that suggested he was down for the count, the Governor rose up to flex his muscles and show the people at the prison what he was capable of with just a few of his guys. Imagine what he could do to the prison with more of the Woodbury residents at his side. It's a scary thought.

The promo below shows Andrea expressing an interest in going to the prison. Hershel issuing an order to Rick and Carol having a heart to heart with Daryl about his brother.

We know that Carol views Daryl and Merle as an abusive relationship, and now that they're at the prison together, it looks like she's voicing that opinion. Whether or not Daryl takes it to heart, we'll have to wait and see, but at the very least, it's good to see that someone sees the depth of the relationship and can talk to him about it. Everyone else might look at Merle as a jerk and say as much, whereas Carol understands that - for Daryl - it's not as simple as turning his back on his brother. There's a history there and it's more complicated and emotional than Daryl might want to admit. At the very least, Daryl has someone there who understands the situation, which could be the thing that keeps him from letting his brother call the shots.

Next up, we have a clip that has Carl talking to his father about stepping down as leader.

As Carl puts it, his father deserves a rest. But is this maybe his nice way of telling his father he's no longer fit to lead the group? Because after last night's episode, that's probably the case. At least for now, while he's still trying to grieve.

And in this one, Merle chats with Hershel.

Couple things worth noting here. First is that, obviously, it looks like Merle's been let inside, at least for now. And second, from the above clip and the "Get back here!" moment in the promo, I'm wondering if it isn't Hershel that's assuming the role of leadership, at least for now. He's probably the best equipped for the job at the moment. Daryl might make a good leader, but with Merle's influence, now probably isn't the best time for him to try that out. And Glenn's proven to be a bit unstable these days, after what happened with Maggie. So Hershel might be the right man to run the ship while Rick's "resting."

As dangerous as Merle probably is, at the very least, he's offering some honest advice about the Governor. He turned out to be right about the Governor's likely plans during "Home." He's probably right about how the Governor would handle things with Rick and his group going forward. Between Merle's warning and the Governor's recent visit, these people have no reason to underestimate what the man is capable of.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC. Read our full breakdown of last night's episode ("Home") here.

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