Not having read much of the graphic novel on which The Walking Dead is based, there are things I don't always know to be excited about when it comes to the series. But given the popularity of Robert Kirkman's creation, and fans' enthusiasm over the AMC adaptation, it's easy to pick up on those big moments, like when the hooded figure appeared at the end of Season 2, or when news broke that "the Governor" had been cast for Season 3. So even though I can't quite grasp the significance of this photo, I have a feeling fans of the graphic novel will be excited to see it, and I'm especially curious to hear people's reactions.

Vague Season 3 spoilers (and one major Season 2 spoiler) ahead!

Just last month, got a better look at Danai Gurira as Michonne, the hooded figure introduced (kind of) too us when Andrea was about to fall prey to a bunch of hungry walkers. And this week, thanks to TV Guide, we have our first look at the Governor, played by British actor David Morrissey.

He kind of reminds me of Ethan in Lost, in that he looks like he could be just a regular, friendly guy. But then there's another side to him… Fans of the graphic novel, what do you think? Is he how you pictured him? Does Kirkman's Governor wear a vest like that? And is it safe to assume that the armed man behind him is one of his people?

As TV Guide describes the Governor, he's the vicious leader of Woodbury and he'll eventually become a pretty significant foe to Rick. Given Shane's departure from last season, Rick's due for some new opposition, and from the sound of it, the Governor is the man for the job, there. The site also quotes Kirkman as saying the Governor will be a character that people will love to hate, which sounds like fun.

The Walking Dead returns for Season 3 this Fall on AMC.

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