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New Walking Dead Trailer Promises A Ton Of Action

Fans of The Walking Dead rejoice: we finally made it! Today may be Valentine’s Day, but we all know the real reason to celebrate. The Walking Dead midseason premiere is tonight, and it is looking like it might be a bloodbath. While we’ve been speculating what we will see during tonight’s episode, “No Way Out” AMC just released a new french trailer that is promising a ton of action in the new episode. This trailer has the potential to be spoiler-ish so you’ve been warned.

I mean, this trailer is insane. And I’m so into it. Let’s break down what exactly we’re seeing in the quick 30 seconds.

Action. Tons of action. This trailer for “No Way Out” doesn’t have any dialogue, but it makes up for that with a boat load of violence. It appears that the plan for Rick and company to silently walk through the horde of walkers that are in Alexandria might have gone so well. We could have guessed this as the final moment of the midseason finale had dumb Sam calling out for his mother while covered in the zombie guts sheet. Not exactly the right way to sneak through the dead.

However, the moment where “Start To Finish” left off saw Rick, Jessie, and company attempting to walk through the herd during the daytime. In this trailer, as well as the few moments of footage we’ve previously seen, it appears fully dark so some time must have passed. Perhaps the plan worked, but the entire group of survivors was forced to fight the horde for another reason? Only time will tell.

This trailer was also particularly interesting because Sasha and Abraham were included in the footage. Since we last saw those two, with Daryl facing a group of motorcycle riding Saviors this is pretty surprising. Perhaps the trio somehow managed to escape the bike gang and make it back to Alexandria. In fact, it’s a possibility that this struggle is what forced the rest of the survivors out of safety and into the street to brawl with the dead. And what is even more startling is that Daryl wasn’t seen fighting off the walkers, as well. Does he end up separating from Abraham and Sasha? Was he somehow injured in the impending struggle with the Saviors?

Perhaps the most satisfying moment from the trailer is that we saw some unlikely characters kicking zombie ass. In fact, the two most useless fighters in the group were both seen hacking into some walkers with machetes. I’m sure you can guess who those characters are: Eugene and Father Gabriel. It appears that those two have finally come to their senses and are ready to help the group. I guess Rosita’s little pep talk to Gabriel payed off. Additionally, a hand full of the Alexandrians also appear to be entering the fray. Maybe they won’t all end up dying after all.

The Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC. Cinema Blend will be here through it all, so join the conversation with us after “No Way Out” airs.

Corey Chichizola

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