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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows of primetime television, and we're guessing landing a spot on the cast must be a thrill. Less thrilling must be that moment when an actor discovers that he or she has been killed off. All of the original cast members aside from a measly six have died, but eleven of the most memorable actors whose characters have died over the years came together for a photo that is…well, just plain creepy. Check it out!

They came. They saw. They died. These unlucky souls had performances to remember on The Walking Dead.

Posted by Entertainment Weekly on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Well, it’s always been hard to argue against the Walking Dead’s notorious revolving door of black actors, but this picture is proof enough that being blonde and female isn’t particularly safe either.

Quite aside from the creepiness of the actors decked out in all black with their eyes closed, it’s surprising that so many of the actors came together for the photo. We’ve come to expect creepiness from anything Walking Dead, but eleven former cast members assembling for an EW picture is decidedly unexpected. This was no casual Instagram or Twitter pic featuring one or two actors whose characters died in the same season. This was an ensemble of television death.

The ensemble is actually interesting on its own. Jeryl Prescott’s Jacqui died all the way back in the sixth episode of Season 1, and Madison Lintz’s Sophia didn’t last all that much longer. IronE Singleton’s tenure on the show came to an early end in Season 3 after T-Dog was killed to spare Carol. David Morrissey’s Governor was the only one of the crew to have died in the first half of Season 4, but the bloodbath of the second half of Season 4 and all of Season 5 is well-represented with Kyla Kenedy, Brighton Sharbino, Tyler James Williams, Emily Kinney, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., and Robin Lord Taylor.

Seriously, the second half of Season 4 and all of Season 5 were not good eras for African American or blonde characters. At least Robin Lord Taylor had Gotham going on to soften the blow of Sam dying.

The actors in the photo may have had their characters die in different seasons due to different circumstances in different places, but they almost certainly had plenty to talk about. Interestingly, only Madison Lintz of the crew in the picture had her character zombified, so she might have bragging rights for the most in-depth death. Sophia’s exit was certainly one of the most tragic.

For fans of The Walking Dead who have lasted through five and a half seasons of blood and guts, this photo might be just as cool as it is creepy. Personally, I’m in the mood now to re-watch a few of the particularly epic episodes that saw these actors leave the show. I certainly wouldn't mind watching Michonne skewer the Governor with her katana a few extra times.

Luckily, The Walking Dead will be returning from its winter hiatus on February 14, so re-watching soon won’t be necessary for fans to get a fix of zombie apocalypse blood and guts.