Watch Andrew Garfield Get Hunted Down On SNL For Not Loving Beyonce Enough

Andrew Garfield dared to express an opinion of Beyonce that wasn't glowing with praise, and this is what happened.

Just a couple days ahead of the premiere of 24: Live Another Day, stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub dropped by for a pretty brilliant cameo in last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. The duo showed up in character as Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brien to help out Andrew Garfield's character, a man who made the mistake of not unconditionally worshipping Beyonce. From there, he's pursued by The Beygency. Jack and Chloe try to help him -- "Everything you own is in a box to the left." Where? "To the left, to the left." -- but things don't go so well for them.

Playing like a trailer, The Beygency sketch was just one of numerous great sketches in last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. Here are the other highlights...

In Celebrity Family Feud, Garfield impersonates Justin Timberlake:

Beck Bennett shows off the benefits of "Stanx" the men's underwear that keeps gas in... for a while anyway.

Cecily Strong steals the show in this spoof on Oliver:

I'm always a fan of Jebidiah Atkinson's snarky reviews, but this one is especially great, as it includes a moment where Taran Killam slips up but he never breaks character...

Finally, we have the awkward Amazing Spider-Man kiss, which has Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone revealing how they really kiss... and then Coldplay's Chris Martin gets in on the action.

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