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Chris Pratt is one of the biggest celebrities out there right now, having jumped from Parks and Recreation to the big screen’s Jurassic World and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. But being in the biggest movie of 2015, nay, the third biggest U.S. film of all-time doesn’t mean that everyone within the U.S. knows who he is. Witness the confusion in the video below.

For this clip from Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner went streetwalking with Chris “Everything is Awesome” Pratt for the usual concoction of decibel-pounding curbside Q&As. And apparently there were enough people who had zero idea who Chris Pratt was that it became what the clip was actually about, unless they just talked to a thousand people and only this small handful were the ones who didn’t know who he was. Either way, it’s a comedic goldmine if you’re looking for Chris Pratt looking oh so accustomed to people having no clue who he is.

This segment is the nice 1-2-3 punch of celebrity recognition. First we have the people who clearly have no clue who he is. Even the name is foreign at times. I’d watch the guy seen below talking bullshit about anything all day long, and he needs his own podcast. Also, I’d get this image painted as a mural on my wall. Hallway, not living room or bedroom.


Then you have the people who seem to recognize Pratt but can’t put their finger on it, and are trying to put Eichner’s blurb-speak to work as context clues. But then he gets called Chris Evans by that one woman, in what I have to assume was a moment contractually inserted by Marvel to fit into a post-credit sequence from Civil War , and one guy called him Liam.

And then you get the person who actually does recognize him and knows what’s going on. Only she doesn’t watch his wife Anna Faris’ CBS sitcom Mom! BURN, Chris Pratt. Give those people a piece of Johnny Karate.

Even if none of these folks watched things like Marvel movies, NBC comedies or the third highest-grossing movie in existence, they should know Pratt from all the hilarious appearances on late night talk shows, and other things like Billy on the Street. Everyone should know Chris Pratt.

Speaking of (the same show I've been talking about this whole time), you can catch new episodes of Billy on the Street every Thursday night on TruTV.

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