Watch Conan O'Brien And Chelsea Handler Argue Naked In The Shower

Video contains blurred-out nudity and adult language! Probably NSFW!

Conan O'Brien usually confines his goofy antics to his TBS late night talk show, but he brought the funny, in all its naked glory, to Chelsea Lately last night, joining forces with his fellow late night talk show host for a shower argument for the ages. I guess, with the official confirmation that Jimmy Fallon would be taking over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, these two cable stars had to find their own way to spark some new late night drama, and they did that in the studio shower, without any clothes on.

This isn't the first time Handler's stripped down and gotten into the shower with someone on her show before, as the Daily News points out. Handler engaged in a nude scene with Sandra Bullock in the same setting just last fall. In the case of her "spat" with Conan, it had to do with her taking over his studio, shower and parking spot. Apparently, O'Brien needed to let off some steam. (Get it? Steam? Sorry.)

Watching the above video, you have to figure that it's probably a challenge to stand naked in a room with someone (in front of cameras) and not either blush furiously or laugh hysterically. For Handler, it was the latter. Chelsea Lately shared this blooper reel, which shows the host breaking a couple of times when Conan made the argument about the bicycle.

When these two aren't sharing a shower, they're sharing a time slot. Conan airs on TBS at 11:00 p.m., while Chelsea Lately airs at the same time on E!.

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