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It's been a full 24 hours (east coast time) since the season finale (or "Christmas special") of Downton Abbey aired, which means people have had a day to recover from a truly depressing conclusion to the season. Is it too soon to laugh at something Downton related? If not, check out this clever lip dub featuring Downton Abbey snippets set to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful."

Lip dubs can range from difficult to watch for more than a few seconds to completely brilliant. This one (shared by HuffPost) falls closer to the latter camp, compiling snippets of Downton Abbey audio to recreate One Direction's catchy tune. If you can't bring yourself to watch it all the way through, at least wait until a little after the two-minute mark. It's worth it.

Changing up the lyrics here and there ("flabbergasted.") was a nice touch, but the montage of "muh-mas" and "puh-pas" really takes the lip dub above and beyond and gives it that little something extra in true Downton fashion. Watching it takes some of the grievous edge off recalling those final few moments from last night's finale. If you caught last night's episode, be sure to check out Kristy's emotional, dramatic and amusing GIF review here.