The above ad is set to air in select areas during The Office series finale this Thursday night, though you don't have to wait until then to get some authentic Dunder Mifflin paper and office supplies. Quill is already selling some great office items with the Dunder Mifflin logo on them. And right now, there's a coupon code that offers a free gift with purchases of Dunder Mifflin products totaling $50 or more. Want a Dwight bobble-head or a World's Best Boss mug? Now's a chance to get one. Personally, I'm tempted to stock up on copy paper.

Besides the dazzling special effects, of course, what I love most about the commercial, which will air on NBC the night of the finale in the company’s five “branch” markets (Utica, Akron, Albany, Syracuse, and of course, Scranton) - is the use of the phrase "Limitless paper in a paperless world." That amusing line was once featured in Michael Scott's own version of a Dunder Mifflin commercial. Despite how nicely the phrase rolls off the tongue, it actually points out a pretty notable problem for the paper industry in those last three words.

NBC is making a night of The Office's conclusion this Thursday, first by airing an hour-long retrospective, which will look back on the series. And then with the hour-(and 15 minutes)-long finale, which will close out this beloved workplace comedy forever. Or until someone remakes it again.

We shared our favorite episodes of The Office here.

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