Considering how mired in controversy the life of disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been recently, you’d think the guy would be looking for any reason in the world to smile about something. But there wasn’t a lick of mirth to be found within him during this past weekend, as he awkwardly found himself to be the subject of a flying cash < ahref=>prank. Check it out below!

The event in question was a FIFA press conference in Zurich, and while you usually don’t see comedians crossing from one country to the next for the point of a prank, British comic Simon Brodkin isn’t someone for whom predictability is a driving force. Brodkin is known for bringing out comedic alter egos for the point of pranks and other oddities, and he had his talents on full display as character Jason Bent. He walked up to Blatter with a handful of fake U.S. dollar bills and placed them down, saying “This is for North Korea 2026.” It’s a line that hits in two ways, since it references both Blatter’s shady history with money management in the sport, as well as the fact that he won’t be president of FIFA anymore after an upcoming election that he’s staying out of.

After security was called over, Brodkin tossed a wad of bills in the air, and the sight of it raining down on Blatter was kind of incredible. Like an editorial cartoon brought to life. This is an artist’s interpretation of how Blatter would have reacted had this incident taken place outside the watching eyes and camera lens of the press.


According to the Daily Mail, Brodkin was taken away from the event by Swiss police, though he later tweeted about it from Bent’s account. As well, Blatter made a “joke” about it when he came back to the stage, saying he called his dead mother and she told him not to worry, that it was “a lack of education.” Weird. Hopefully this makes its way into the next FIFA video game somehow as a minigame.

Brodkin made headlines earlier this summer as his Lee Nelson persona made a surprise appearance on stage next to Kanye West in Glastonbury. He was wearing a Lee-zus shirt, and it didn’t take long for him to get escorted away from that either. I bet Blatter wishes Brodkin had broken his fall when he took that hilarious tumble a few years ago.

For now, the FIFA brand is still a bit tarnished, with that self-produced movie becoming one of the worst bombs in movie history. And if Ben Affleck makes a movie about the scandal, that will only keep it around in people’s minds longer. Maybe the organization can pay someone off to help its image.
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