Watch The First Trailer For Style's XOX Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson may no longer own a high-end fashion line, but she’s still into making money and will do so with Style Network this spring. The network is putting together a brand new reality series called XOX Betsey Johnson that will follow the former clothing mogul and her daughter, Lulu, as they face the uncertain months post-filing bankruptcy in April of 2012.

THR premiered the first trailer for the series on Friday, which follows the two bold women as they plan a retrospective fashion show and visit one of the now-closed locations that used to house feminine party dresses and wild prints. They also visit Tokyo for inspiration, which seems to be a fitting place to go.

As the preview also shows, a relationship tied to a business—or even a former business—can be tough to figure out and maintain on a regular basis. Sometimes Betsey and Lulu’s relationship is touching, but sometimes it seems to be pretty strained. Overall, if you’re a huge Betsey Johnson fan, you’ve probably been waiting to see the fashionista in the limelight for months, and it doesn’t look like fans will be disappointed if they are looking for insight into the 70-year-old designer’s life. Hopefully, we'll even get to see some of her designing process.

XOX Betsey Johnson launches on May 12 at 8 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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