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What happens when the networks get together to roast HBO? College Humor explored that very scenario in an amusing cartoon. Those of us who watch too much TV are much more likely to get the jokes.

There's nothing like a good roast. College Humor seems to appreciate that statement as they've posted this animated video, which has HBO as the guest of honor in a roast. HBO isn't the only network being poked fun at, either.

“It’s an honor to pick through your trash, especially when you keep throwing away Emmy’s,” AMC quips, referencing HBO’s decision to pass on Mad Men. Meanwhile, USA takes a dig at MTV, poking fun at it for not playing music and not being the cool network it once was. “Seriously MTV, pull it together before VH1 offers you a reality show.” Syfy uses its stage time to offer HBO a petition to renew Firefly, which gets it heckled by Comedy Central.

?The major networks may take the biggest hit in the above video, as they're introduced as "geezers" and end up telling the weakest of the jokes, which their audience of cable networks don’t seem to care for.