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Watch Harvey Dent Flip A Coin In New Gotham Video

Gotham reveals Harvey Dent’s famous coin flip in this clip from this Monday night’s episode. Although it looks like “Two-Face” is a long way off, we get our first video glimpse at the assistant DA that loves to take chances.

It is hard to top Aaron Eckhardt’s portrayal of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent from The Dark Knight but actor Nicholas D’Agosto is going to do his best as a new regular on GOTHAM. The November 17th episode will see the premiere of the assistant District Attorney with a big and dark future ahead of him. The clip shows Dent outside the Gotham courthouse dealing with a troubled youth, eventually making a heads or tails deal with him. If it's heads, he walks, if it's tails, the kid goes away. The scene really shows the seriousness of Dent and his sworn oath to uphold the law. The catch is that the coin has heads on both sides; Two-Face, get it?

Dent is introduced to rising star detective James Gordon and they briefly discuss the exchange with the young miscreant. Gordon’s by the book persona seems to be a perfect match for the like minded Dent and a budding partnership is formed. D’Agosto is scheduled to appear in the show’s next two episodes and is scheduled to come back later in the first season according to When talking to reporters, D’Agosto told them during a conference call that “you’ll see a lot more of me in Season 2, which we all hope happens.” That’s right, GOTHAM is yet to be renewed for a second season despite already having a lucrative deal with NETFLIX. The streaming service will make the first season available after its broadcast run.. Despite a full 22 episode order being placed for the series, we are yet to see the green light for the hit show's sophomore season.

If you missed the original casting announcement, FOX revealed some more details about the character. In the Batman prequel series based on the DC characters, Harvey Dent is the rising star of the district attorney's office, idealistic and bright. He is a moral crusader of justice ready to eradicate crime and corruption on the streets of Gotham. Despite being seen as the possible white knight Gotham so desperately needs, shades of the sadistic supervillain Two-Face begin to surface as his narrative plays out.

While we do not know the extent that Dent will be incorporated into the overall GOTHAM storyline but fans of the series do seem to be excited. It does seem that skeptics are curious considering the age gap between the very young Bruce Wayne and the much older Harvey Dent. Considering the overall Bat-canon, it is going to be interesting to see how they adjust the characters around the growth and development of the young orphan into the greatest detective the world has ever known. After last week’s episode where Bruce starts to learn how to fight, we know that producers are definitely aware that the Bat-clock is ticking.

Tune in to FOX on Monday nights at 8 PM to catch up the world of GOTHAM.