Watch Jim Carrey's Daughter Jane's American Idol Audition

I woke up this morning with the intention of getting caught up on last night’s American Idol, only to find that what TiVo had labeled as last night’s San Diego Idol auditions, was really the tail end of the fourth quarter of the Giants/49ers game, and the overtime that followed. I got about two minutes of Idol recorded at the end. No Idol for me. Perhaps Fox will remedy the situation by getting the episode online.

On the subject of last night’s auditions, the internet is buzzing this morning with chatter about last night’s episode, largely because Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane was among the auditioners. What’s more, she’s pretty good! Jane Carrey was introduced to us like a normal contestant at first, and then the packaged segment revealed the big twist. Her dad’s a pretty well known celebrity. Jim Carrey? May have heard of him... Anyway, he also happens to have some early work experience that crossed paths with Jennifer Lopez, back when she was still a dancer and he was Fire Marshall Bill. That subject came up just before Jane showed off her vocal abilities.

The Idol judges let her show us something (In Living Color reference!) and you can check it out below (via EW)

There’s a part of me that wonders why we don’t see this happen more often. And then I remember that it’s likely most kids of celebrities probably have have a somewhat easier route to getting the right people to see their musical talents, should they want it. So while some may jump to conclusions that Jane’s last name (and genetics) gives her an added advantage against the other contestants, realistically speaking, it’s probably fair to assume she had that with or without Idol. In the meantime, celebrity connections or not, she’s adorable and she can sing, which has qualified many a contestant before her to earn a golden ticket. It’ll be interesting to see how far she makes it in the competition!

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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