Watch Jimmy Fallon Get A Pie In The Face

You’ve seen Jimmy Fallon act like a shitty teenager. You’ve seen him sorta cheat at beer games. You’ve seen him laugh at his own jokes. And now the day has come when you can watch him take a pie to the face for a goofy Tonight Show game with golfer Bubba Watson and actress January Jones. Check it out!

Currently ranked as one of the top three golfers in the world, and the top U.S. golfer, Watson is a perfect choice to take Fallon on in the ridiculous game of Pie Golf. (I wouldn’t be mad if there was a home version of this game I could play, because mmm pie.) And while I’ve never seen Jones’ pie-smashing skills on Mad Men or The Last Man on Earth yet, she’s perfectly suited for the job. But if we’re being honest, Fallon has the kind of “put a pie in it” face that makes anyone worthy of the duty.

Is it surprising that Fallon seems to initially be better at Pie Golf than Watson is? I mean, Watson has got a Happy Gilmore-level of driving power and is a two-time Masters Tournament champion. But then, this is a game that the Tonight Show staff came up with, so Fallon probably had some practice beforehand. “Honing my Pie Golf skills” sounds like the perfect alibi for murder, or a surreal euphemism for masturbation. In the end, Watson won, proving Fallon’s sportsmanship is thicker than meringue.

Because I can’t possibly go through the rest of this story without dropping a terrible pun: should Fox and Bryan Singer start looking to cast Fallon in the next X-Men movie as Pie-clops?


Getting hit in the face with pie has been a comedy standby for what feels like thousands of years now, and watching Pie Golf takes me back to the greatest pie fight in history, as performed by the Three Stooges. (And not the movie versions.) Relive that messy madness below.

What will Fallon and his guests do next? Have a whoopee cushion competition? Use hand buzzers on unsuspecting on-the-street citizens? Find out when The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs every weeknight.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

Nick is a Cajun Country native, and is often asked why he doesn't sound like that's the case. His love for his wife and daughters is almost equaled by his love of gasp-for-breath laughter and gasp-for-breath horror. A lifetime spent in the vicinity of a television screen led to his current dream job, as well as his knowledge of too many TV themes and ad jingles.