Watch Jimmy Fallon Tell The Most Insane SNL Afterparty Story Ever

Anyone who watched the SNl 40 special on Sunday evening likely already knows that the evening was filled with celebrities, including former cast members, guest stars and musical guests. Luckily, one of those former cast members, Jimmy Fallon, now has a late night platform to talk about the events that occurred during the crazy afterparty following SNL 40. You can catch the lengthy story, below.

After talking about the star-studded event—and telling a funny story about how Tom Hanks handed him $20—Fallon explained that the afterparty occurred at the Plaza Hotel. Someone had set up a stage and a slew of instruments, just in case anyone felt like playing. And if you watched SNL 40 you should know that a bunch of musicians, including Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon and more were in attendance for the big event, and plenty of former SNL cast members also have somewhat musical backgrounds. Anyway, right when Fallon got to the afterparty, he saw McCartney and Swift onstage with Dan Aykroyd. And they proceeded to play “I Saw Her Standing There” before McCartney revealed he also knew how to play “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift.

You may have seen some of the wild footage running around the internet already, but here’s the crew singing “Shake it Off.”

But it didn’t stop, there. Fallon took it upon himself to go ahead and MC the party and invited the likes of Miley Cyrus to come up and sing a song about her dead goldfish. But it gets weirder, with Debbie Harry, Michael Bolton, the B-52s, and many, many more also playing. It all culminates in the appearance of Prince, which you can also check out.

The whole night sounds pretty crazy, but I guess we shouldn’t expect anything less from a party following a TV event as epic and as fondly watched as SNL 40. The monstrosity of a Saturday Night Live special featured a “blue carpet” pre-show event and a 3 and a half hour special that looked back at 40 years of SNL. This meant fans who watched also got to see a new digital short, a new “Wayne’s World” sketch, Bill Murray singing the Jaws love theme song, and a new “Celebrity Jeopardy.” It was a night to remember, even if we didn’t get to be involved with the afterparty shenanigans.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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