Jimmy Kimmel is a big fan of viewer participation. He frequently has his producers conduct interviews on Hollywood Boulevard, and now and again, he even directly asks viewers to send in videos on a specific topic to his YouTube channel. Earlier this month, he sent out a notice asking men to give their wives fake Valentine’s Day gifts and tape their reactions.

He got plenty of responses, and not surprisingly, they ran the gamut from inventive to downright gross. Take a look at the hilarious footage below…

There are a lot of funny ideas interspersed throughout that video, but to me, there are two that really stand out. First, I can’t get enough of the woman who opens the dishwashing detergent. Unlike the other ladies who got animals, she thinks her gift might actually be real, which is infuriating. Second, I also can’t get enough of the lady who gets the Matt Damon picture. She’s beyond confused and clearly isn’t as big of a Kimmel fan as her husband or she would have immediately known something was up.

Over the past few years, Kimmel has quietly emerged as a late night force rather than a mediocre ABC attempt to compete. With his talent and his inventive hilarity, it wouldn’t be a shock if he was looking down at everyone else in terms of ratings and critical acclaim five years from now.

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