Watch Jon Stewart's SOPA Rant On The Daily Show

Wikipedia went dark, even Google “censored” their logo, and protests made their way around Facebook, all because of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. If protesting left you too exhausted last night to stay up for The Daily Show but you woke up this morning wondering what Jon Stewart had to say, the answer is plenty.

In usual form Stewart skewered SOPA and the people behind it, pointing out that half of them don’t even know what the Act is about and allowing lawmakers to make themselves look ridiculous with clips where they repeatedly refer to internet experts as “nerds”. He topped it off with a clip from the classic film Revenge of the Nerds, asking “When did Congress turn into Ogre?” He then pointed out that he had just used copyrighted material.

With a backdrop of clips of himself over the years on The Daily Show with copyrighted material on the screen, Stewart proceeded to rant about “parasites” who exploit the work of others and “rationalize(s) the use of it by claiming “fair use”. Stewart closed his rant by adding “If you post any of this on YouTube, you will be hunted down and sued.” So, you didn’t get this from us, but here’s the clip. You can also see the entire episode on The Daily Show website.