Watch Kevin Spacey Channel His Best Characters In Wonderful Commercial

Commercials can be annoying, but they can also be poignant, amusing, emotional, inspiring, technical, and sometimes startlingly well-done. Several of these positive adjectives can be used to describe the new Renault Espace commercial, which features Kevin Spacey driving through the landscapes of his past acting projects. Check out the beautifully done commercial, below.

The new commercial is in some ways similar to Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials that hit the scene a few months ago. This time around, instead of talking philosophically, Spacey recounts his own acting adventures while driving the brand new Renault vehicle. He discusses American Beauty while driving through a mass of floating rose petals, recounting what life is like in a suburban household when a man is suffering from a midlife crisis.


He drives near a justice building while recounting the plot of The Usual Suspects, complete with a shocked detective who can't figure out what just happened. Finally, he affects a southern accent in a nod to his role as Frank Underwood on House of Cards. The tagline? Make your time great. I never thought I’d live to see a day where Kevin Spacey could sell a car better than McConaughey, but there you have it. It’s so good, I’m surprised it wasn’t released around a sporting event or holiday to tie in viewers. It might not be flashy, but it's exactly the type of thing that gets people talking. Nothing sells to consumers quite like a mix of professionalism and nostalgia.

This year has already been a big one for commercials. The Rob Lowe DirecTV commercials have received a lot of notice, although not always in a good way. The first major marijuana commercial also hit airwaves this year. Oh, and we can’t forget Kevin James shaking it or ESPN explaining exactly what happened to the Super Bowl’s Left Shark. Kevin Spacey’s new commercial fits right into that group of standouts, and it would be a big surprise if the classy effort didn't sell more than its share of cars. After all, beyond having a little bit of fun, that's the entire point.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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