This Hilarious New ESPN Commercial Explains What Happened With Left Shark

Katy Perry’s famed halftime show sharks have been all over the news since the Super Bowl aired more than a week ago. It’s no surprise that sports network ESPN would want to get in on a little Left Shark action, and today ESPN released a funny new SportsCenter promo totally related to Left Shark and his dancing shenanigans. You can check it out, below.

SportsCenter is known for its amusing but short ads, and this one is no different. Two cars pull up to the office on a snowy day and Left Shark and Right Shark hop out of the sedans. They take off their costumes on the way to the office, revealing themselves as SportsCenter hosts John Anderson and Bram Weinstein. The two men start to complain about how ESPN forced them to work during the Super Bowl, but Bram’s more concerned that everyone noticed his poor rhythm and dance moves.


John tries to reassure his fellow employee, but anyone who caught the Super Bowl knows poor Left Shark’s fate. The two sharks were part of Katy Perry’s halftime show, appearing briefly during the beach-themed sequence. While Right Shark really worked the stage and had some crisp dance moves, people noticed immediately that Left Shark just wasn’t as skilled at moving in the shark suit. Check out the poor character’s hilarious dance moves below.


In the past, this may not have been remarked upon as extensively, but the internet never lets things go, and gifs and memes popped up everywhere in the days following. Some people even tried to create and sell Left Shark memorabilia on the internet—to the ire of Katy Perry’s legal team. The two sharks have even popped up on late night TV, getting interviewed by guest host John Mayer on CBS’ Late Late Show.

ESPN’s SportsCenter has always been pretty good about making timely jokes about the things going on in the world of sports. Luckily, wild things are often happening during sporting events, giving the news show plenty of amusing stuff to talk about live on the air, as well as through commercials. Just check out the 13-minute mash-up of "This is SportsCenter" commercials that used to run in the past. I don't know if any of them can top Left Shark, but it's fun to see them try.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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