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Watch The Lonely Island Recreate I'm On A Boat With Jimmy Fallon And Classroom Instruments

The Lonely Island trio of comedians produced some of the greatest material for Saturday Night Live in recent years. Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone are responsible for hilarious music videos that feature fabulously catchy songs about topics that range from ridiculous to taboo. One of their biggest viral sensations was “I’m On A Boat,” which featured Samberg, Schaffer, and rapper T-Pain on a boat while Taccone was stuck on land. Now, The Lonely Island has created another version of “I’m On A Boat,” with classroom instruments, during a visit with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Check it out!

Let it not be said that Jimmy Fallon only goes halfway when it comes to supplying props for his guests. The video is so filled with different classroom instruments being swapped in and out that it really needs to be watched more than once to really soak it in. The Lonely Island boys were on their game with the vocals as well as the instruments, and the Tonight Show house band member Black Thought filled in for the absent T-Pain perfectly. Jimmy Fallon deserves plenty of credit himself for keeping up with the vocals even as he switched between wood block, kazoo, bass drum, and Casio keyboard.

Personally, I have to say my favorite performer in the clip is the one who only handled one instrument. Jorma Taccone’s non-expression as he spent the majority of the song reading his book about land was already perfect; unenthusiastically chiming in with the triangle by the end was hilarious.

This recreation of “I’m On A Boat” has plenty of differences from the original and rather explicit version from The Lonely Island, not the least of which was the language being tweaked for network standards. The participants didn’t have the luxury of costume changes, and they were, of course, not actually on a boat, but I can’t say that I was any less entertained here than by the original. To see the differences for yourself, check out The Lonely Island’s original video:

The members of The Lonely Island are starring in an upcoming movie from Judd Apatow that is set to lampoon boy bands and the likes of Justien Bieber. It has the perfect title of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and will be released on June 3. Andy Samberg also stars in the hilarious Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which has been renewed for a Season 4. To see what you can watch on the small screen in the meantime, check out our summer TV premiere schedule.

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