Watch Maya Rudolph Deliver Laughs As Beyonce In Funny Saturday Night Live Cold Open

Surfboard. Maya Rudolph stole the spotlight in Saturday Night Live's season finale cold open last night, reprising the role of Beyonce for the opening sketch. As one of numerous guest stars to pop up in the episode, Rudolph garnered the biggest laughs of the opening bit, as she randomly worked lyrics to classic Beyonce songs into her "official" statement about the well-publicized elevator incident between her sister and Jay-Z. This is actually the second time a recent Saturday Night Live sketch worked Beyonce into one of the funnier moments of the show. When Andrew Garfield hosted a couple of weeks back, he was hunted down for not loving Beyonce enough.

Andy Samberg returned to Saturday Night Live to host the finale last night, and though there were a few solid sketches, the episode fell short of some of the better installments this season. As Samberg pointed out himself in his opening monologue, though he had a very memorable run on SNL when he was among the stars of the sketch comedy series, he was more of a digital short guy and less a live-sketch contributor. But he was on hand to get overly affectionate with the Vogelchecks. The recurring sketch featured the return of Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen, and a guest appearance by Paul Rudd.

The opening monologue featured a couple of guest appearances as well, with Bill Hader and (more randomly) Martin Short dropping in...

As for the mentioned digital shorts, we got to watch the world go nuts as the bass finally dropped in this one.

The Lonely Island's "Hugs" digital short featuring Pharrell Williams made it to air, but the same can not be said for this web exclusive digital short, "Testicules."

Watch the full Season 39 finale of Saturday Night Live below:

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