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If the world is ever actually overrun by zombies in the same way that TV and movies have been taken over, there are a lot of people that I’d want to see on the front line of the ensuing “war.” And as it happens, actor Nathan Fillion is one of those people. Check out the video below, in which Fillion explains his post-apocalyptic plans to Jimmy Kimmel.

Fillion says he’s super interested in zombie preparedness situations, and that he and his friends get together to watch episodes of The Walking Dead. It’s during these weekly get-togethers when he (perhaps secretly) susses out which friends have which survival skills. As someone who writes about zombies for a living, I can’t assume I would be very much help for his cause, though I might lie and say that writing about them has taught me many ways of taking them down. Like…turning their computers off?

Now, I don’t know if I would be as worthless as Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez, but I might not taste as good as him either. I guess it all depends on if whatever is eating me is alive or not. Do zombies have taste buds?

Of course, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to get a little blue, as Fillion warns the use of swords in a hectic situation might accidentally lead to a guy cutting his own genitals off. He puts on his thinking face to consider just how much lovemaking would even happen in a zombie apocalypse, and he thinks he’d be too scared to do it. Not to mention the “mood” always being interrupted by groaning. Sorry, ladies who may have been thinking about unleashing a zombie plague as a last ditch effort of wooing Nathan Fillion. It’s not going to happen.

Castle fans may recall that the actor has already dealt with his share of zombies for the Season 4 episode “Undead Again.” (This was the kind of ridiculous plotline that caused me to stop watching.) Sure, it ended up not being undead zombies at all, but the episode was a good chance for Fillion to show his stuff…which, incidentally, was hidden behind Kate most of the time.


Maybe one of the Walking Dead actors will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about living in a world taken over by Firefly’s reavers.

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