Watch Paris Hilton Freak Out After Prank TV Show Convinces Her The Plane Is Crashing

TV hosts like Jimmy Kimmel have been known to play a prank or two on guests, but nothing really compares to the experience celebrity Paris Hilton experienced when she recently agreed to appear on the Egyptian series Ramez in Control. The series convinced her to take an airplane ride and then staged a plane crash, in which she panicked and thought she might die. You can check out the insane video, below.

When people step onto planes, they generally want the ride to go as smoothly as possible, but this is anything but. The flight begins with an odd smell that reality star Paris Hilton refers to as an “overfilled toilet,” but then things really start going downhill. The plane begins losing control and spiraling toward the ground. At one point, a flight attendant even jumps out of the plane, dragging a man out of the plane with him. After nearly hitting the water, the plane finally is able to land and Paris is basically in tears, telling the Egyptian TV host, “I said I didn’t want to go on that plane.”

Clearly, the poor girl had no idea what was happening to her. On the plane, there’s a rollercoaster of emotions and she’s weeping and screaming. She’s also worried for the guy who jumped out of the plane and visibly shaken by the time they land. So, when she finds out the whole thing is a big joke, she’s at first confused and then not particularly pleased about the ordeal she just went through.

Oftentimes pranks with a little bit of a mean spirit can be hilarious. When parents lie to their kids for Jimmy Kimmel and tell them they ate all their Halloween candy, for instance, we all get a wee bit of joy out of the subsequent bewilderment and temper tantrums that follow. However, this host took the prank a little too far. Convincing someone they are about to die on a small plane miles and miles from anyone they love is pretty cruel, and then to stick with that joke for minute after minute until the person is truly convinced their life is over takes it to another level. It’s no wonder Paris eventually tells actor Ramez Galal that she really wants to "kill" him.

The celebrity later took to Twitter to share her feelings about the event.

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On the bright side, she’s now busy talking about her music career on social media now, so she totally seems to be over it.

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