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"I don't look at what things say. I know what they feel like though."

Fans of the original U.K. comedy The Office didn't need to raise money via Kickstarter to see Ricky Gervais returned to the role of David Brent. The comedian did that for charity with The Return of Brent, a 10-minute segment that returns us to the bizarre world of former Wernham Hogg Paper Company (Slough branch) regional manager David Brent to show us what he's been getting up to in recent years. As it happens, he's working on his music. Or someone else's.

We learned last month that this was on the way, as Gervais announced that he was bringing David Brent back for Comic Relief. The 10-minute video puts Brent back in front of the camera where he's happy to mug and promote himself, bugging everyone around him in the process. What's evident is that the modern-day David Brent is still lacking in self-awareness as he uses the money he makes peddling cleaning supplies to fund some guy's music career. Or he's trading financial support for the chance to hang around a musician and work his own music into the man's work. He's just like Simon Cowell… if Simon Cowell insisted on recording music with his artists, that is.

As ridiculous as Brent is, I still find myself rooting for him to stumble upon success. Or in this case, that he stumbles Johnson into success, somehow. EW shared this gem. It's "Equality Street" in all its glory...

I think it's a winner.