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Watch The Season Premiere Of Dexter Online For Free

Anybody even remotely familiar with the events in last year's season finale of Dexter has to be excited about about the new season. Kicking off last night on Showtime, there are so many questions that need to be answered. What is Dexter going to do about Rita's body? What does he do about Trinity's family, who all know his face? How is the dynamic going to change between Dexter, Cody and Astor? How are the events going to affect baby Harrison, the new baby born in blood? Fortunately, if you missed last night's season premiere, you can now catch it online for free.

Showtime has posted the episode on their website for a limited time, so if you can't get to a TV or had to cancel your subscription, you can at least get a sense of where things are going. For those uninitiated but have heard all of the incredible things about the program, there is a substantial recap to kick things off that will clue you in. Be warned, however: the episode begins by saying that the show has been edited for content. While I can't speak for the extent of this editing, the episode is standard length (55 minutes), which means that language has probably been affected more than the violence (I've seen this done by Showtime for other episodes they've posted online)

Watch the entire episode below right now and rejoice! Dexter is back!

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