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Watch Seth Rogen And James Franco Mock Bad Christmas Cards

Chris Hardwick’s Internet-based game show @Midnight isn't a big producer of viral videos. The niche show airs quite late over at Comedy Central, following The Colbert Report in the network’s lineup. However, last night @Midnight featured Seth Rogen, James Franco and a holiday theme. You have to give it a watch, below.

The guys mostly showed up to plug their new movie, but they also popped up to introduce a pretty interesting game on @Midnight, revolving around some extremely awkward family Christmas photos. It’s all pretty in line with the basic theme of @Midnight, which typically brings in several comedians and gives them a chance to improv about various stuff on the Internet, including memes and funny photos. This time around, the contestants have to come up with a line to describe the Christmas card, but before the game begins we are treated to that epic Christmas photo that popped up in an SNL sketch last week.


Franco and Rogen are joined onstage by the other contestants in the video, which includes comedians Brooks Whelan, Mamrie Hart and Judah Friedlander. Throw in Rogen, Franco and Hardwick, and that’s a lot of funny people on the same page. Luckily, all of the awkward family photos are pretty hysterical and offer plenty of stuff to talk about. One photo even includes a line of people dressed up as reindeer and crouched in front of a sleigh. (We kid you not.) Seriously, if you haven’t watched yet, what are you waiting for?

James Franco and Seth Rogen have been making the rounds pretty hard to promote The Interview, which follows Rogen and Franco as two dudes who are tasked with killing Kim Jong-un (again, we kid you not). The comedy comes out on Christmas Day. To promote the movie, the two men popped up in Discovery’s Naked and Afraid, and James Franco also hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live--which is where that crazy Christmas card originated.

It’s hard to tell where else the two actors will pop up before The Interview’s big release, but in the meantime, at least you’ll be able to reliably catch new episodes of @Midnight over at Comedy Central on week nights just after 11 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden

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