Watch Star-Lord's Origin Story In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series

In the opening minutes of Marvel’s 2014 hit Guardians of the Galaxy, moviegoers watched as 8-year-old Peter Quill saw his mother succumb to cancer, and then minutes later he was captured by aliens. The film proceeded to jump ahead 26 years to follow adult Peter’s shenanigans, but now we finally know what happened directly after Peter was captured thanks to new scenes from the Disney XD Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. Check them out!

After a slightly adjusted version of the film’s opening scenes, we see Peter, voiced by Will Friedle, tossed into a cage aboard an alien ship. The boy is understandably freaked out to see aliens, but despite his fright, he is able to escape his cell and snatch one of the “disgusting booger beasts'” eyeballs so he can open doors and get away. When he comes across more aliens, he uses the toy gun in his backpack to scare them off, but when he accidentally pulls the trigger the gun does something it’s never done before: shoot high pressure water blasts. Eventually Peter finds an airlock, but he then sees that the ship has already departed Earth. If that weren’t bad enough, the energy barrier is then switched off and Peter is sucked into the vacuum of space. Which brings us to Scene #2.

In the second scene, Peter is saved from suffocating in space by Yondu’s whistle-powered arrow dragging him back to the ship. Peter’s future father figure (albeit not a very good one) then attaches a universal translator to his ear so he can understand what the non-humans are saying. Yondu calls Peter valuable and leads him back into the ship, but then the aliens who chased Peter earlier show their true colors by trying to take the boy for themselves. Peter and Yondu are able to escape harm, but the aliens escape in one of the ship’s shuttles. Yondu proceeds that there wasn’t actually a bounty on him, but just that he was valuable (fans of the film know that this is because Yondu was hired by Peter’s father to retrieve him). After Peter decides to take the name Star-Lord, the video fast forwards to adult Peter jamming to his tunes and blasting enemy drones. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Star-Lord’s origin.

The Guardians of the Galaxy animated series will follow the band of rogues across the galaxy as they look for the Cosmic Seed, an powerful artifact that is capable of “giving birth to the next universe.” Along the way they will run into other Marvel cosmic characters like Thanos, Loki, The Collector and Cosmo the space dog. Joining Friedle in the main voice cast is Kevin Michael Richardson as Groot, Trevor Devall as Rocket, Vanessa Mashall as Gamora and David Sobolov as Drax.

You can catch a sneak peek of the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series on Disney XD Saturday, September 5 at 9 p.m. ET, followed by the premiere on Saturday, September 26 at 9:30 p.m. ET. Fans can also look forward to other multi-platform content being released this August.

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