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Stephen Hawking didn't make it to San Diego to take part in the Big Bang Theory panel, but that doesn't mean the world's most famous geek couldn't steal the show anyway. In the video above, which played for the crowd at this morning's panel in Ballroom 20, Hawking makes inside jokes about his own appearances on the show, jokes about getting a flat tire on his way to the Con, pauses for laughs, and then even does his version of singing the show's theme song-- assisted by a computer, of course.

And that wasn't the only video highlight from this morning's panel, which really might be the nucleus of where geek culture and Comic-Con intersects-- where else can you get thousands upon thousands of people in a room for a panel about a TV show and also have them go nuts over Stephen Hawking? The panel also included a highlight reel from Season 6-- heavy on the pop culture references and even a nod to Comic-Con-- which Warner Bros. TV has been generous enough to share online as well:

The Big Bang Theory has been as visible as ever at Comic-Con this year, adorning the giant, poster-sized bags that attendees get when they pick up their bags, and inspiring lines for Ballroom 20 so long that our poor correspondent Eric couldn't even get in the door. But it's far from the only awesome TV-related thing that's been happening at the Con. Yesterday Benedict Cumberbatch wowed the crowd from a distance with his own video greeting, and this morning Mack caught up with the panel for the new SyFy series Helix. You can click here to catch all of our TV coverage as it happens, and keep coming back-- there are three more days of the Con left, and most of the biggest TV stuff comes on Sunday, so no taking the weekend off!

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