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Watch Tracy Morgan Bust Out Brian Fellow's Safari Planet In SNL Return

Tracy Morgan’s been out of the comedy game for a while thanks to a bad limo accident, but he chose to make his return to the screen in a big way last night, hosting an episode of the long-running sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. The actor spent years on the set of SNL honing a variety of characters meant to make us laugh, and last night he capably brought back a big sketch: “Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet.” Check it out, below.

This time around, the non-accredited animal enthusiast brings in a beaver, asking his handler some wild questions, including asking about how many cigarettes a beaver smokes during the day. The handler’s played by Pete Davidson, and he nearly cracks at one point when Morgan utters the character’s most famous line.

I’m Brian Fellow.

Following the beaver chat, Brian brings out his next guest, a camel. He then spends some time talking to the camel's handler about how people really hate camels. Brian also hallucinates a beaver smoking in the middle of this segment. The best part is that the camel keeps getting in the way of the camera shots when this goofy stuff happens, giving Morgan a reason to do some ab-libbing toward the end of the sketch. The things that happen when you put live animals on TV.


This isn’t the first time Morgan has graced us with a “Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet” sketch since he left SNL as a cast member. Last time he hosted—back in 2009—he also brought back Brian Fellow to the delight of audiences. We’re very glad he did. I can’t get enough of this sketch. In fact, you shouldn’t stop now since there are plenty of other episodes of “Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet” out in the universe. Go ahead and watch another, below.

While Morgan’s signature comedy has stayed much the same since he left late night sketch comedy for other ventures like 30 Rock, Brian Fellow was always one of the more wacky and outlandish SNL characters the man portrayed, and we kind-of love him for it.

In terms of SNL, Season 41 has been pretty crazy so far and is bound to get even wilder in the weeks to come. SNL is planning to take a break for the next few weeks before Donald Trump takes the stage on November 7 as the host, but thankfully not the musical guest. That honor will go to Sia, provided all of the red tape that has been thrown at Trump since the announcement was made goes away.

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