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Watch Tracy Morgan Return To Saturday Night Live In New Video

We are T minus 3 days until Tracy Morgan makes his official return to Saturday Night Live and Tracy Morgan is already back on the set of the NBC program and getting ready for his big episode. Today, we’ve just been given a good look at the type of humor the comedian plans to favor during his big return, thanks to an amusing SNL promo. The video also features cast member Bobby Moynihan, and you can check it out, below.

In the preview, Tracy Morgan cracks jokes about impregnating those who work at 30 Rock where NBC is housed, proving he's back and ready for some comedy action. He also tells the audience that he’s excited about appearing on the Saturday Night Live finale this season, which is hilarious considering we’re only two episodes in so far, with Morgan slated to be the third host in Season 41. Moynihan reminds him of this fact, and Morgan has a clever response.

Oh, it will be after I’m done with it.

Getting invited to host an episode of SNL is invariably an exciting prospect for most celebrities, but in Tracy Morgan’s case, it’s an especially big event. Well over a year ago, Morgan was hospitalized in a horrible limo accident. Later, we learned he had suffered traumatic injuries and had even resorted to carrying a cane for a while. It was unclear if he would ever return to the world of comedy, but in June, the actor stated it was a goal of his. Now, just a few short months later, he’s about to be back in action. The Saturday Night Live stint is the first time the actor will appear on the stage for an extended gig, following a brief appearance at the Emmys.

Morgan should be a great fit for the SNL gig. The actor was a key player on the late night sketch comedy series for years before taking other acting roles, including NBC’s own 30 Rock. He’s also hosted an episode of the NBC series before, popping up back in 2009 during an episode where he did a “Scared Straight” sketch with Kenan Thompson and more. Doubtless, his return will be equally—if not more---memorable.

This week’s episode will feature Tracy Morgan along with Demi Lovato as the musical guest. Tune in to catch the episode this Saturday on NBC at 11:30 p.m. ET. You can find out about upcoming episodes here.

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