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Watch Two Empire Stars Perform Together, Crush It Out On Lip Sync Battle

This week on Lip Sync Battle, the Spike series is bringing on two spectacular guests. Empire’s Terence Howard and Taraji P. Henson are both competiing and on Monday, the network released a brand new video, which features the actors performing a fun track together. You can watch them crush out Three 6 Mafia’s “Hard Out There For A Pimp,” below.

This lip sync performance is the first of its type on Lip Sync Battle, as usually the contestants perform against one another rather than with one another. Luckily, “Hard Out There For A Pimp” features both female and male vocals, giving Howard and Henson the opportunity to try something brand new. Although this wasn’t the wild performance with extras, costume changes and/ or props, Taraji P. Henson is certain sporting a fun hairdo, bold jewelry and a jumpsuit that totally works for the performance. Terence Howard, while more subdued, puts together a pretty engaging performance, too.

Of course, the two Empire actors have plenty of experience with working with music, as Howard’s character runs Empire Entertainment on the hit Fox drama, Empire, and Henson plays his ex-wife who works her way back into the label’s fold after getting released from prison. Obviously, playing characters related to the music industry doesn’t necessarily equate to Lip Sync Battle skills, but both Henson and Howard also appeared together in Hustle & Flow, which also features the song.

Lip Sync Battle has been a success for Spike over the last several months, so much so that the cabler ordered extra episodes of the series and signed on for a live version of the show that is expected to be bigger and bolder. Lip Sync Battle has also already been renewed by Spike for Season 2, and 20 episodes will be produced when the competition series returns. If you’re a fan of the competition show, we’re sad to tell you Season 1 is coming to a close. In fact, Taraji P. Henson and Terence Howard’s episode will be the finale.

If you’d like to see what else Howard and Henson bring to the table, you can catch the full Lip Sync Battle episode on Thursday at 10 p.m. ET, only on Spike.

Jessica Rawden
Jessica Rawden

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