Bruce Campbell Just Made Us So Excited For The Evil Dead Show

Before today, I would have sworn on the Necronomicon that there was no way I could have possibly been more excited about Ash vs. Evil Dead, the upcoming horror series that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi are putting together for Starz. And then Campbell went and made me go all high-pitched cackle at my computer screen with a Twitter post.

Here’s his beyond perfect response to a seemingly innocuous question from William Shatner.

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I just started squealing all over again, but you might not have heard it over the sound of me simultaneously revving a chainsaw and shooting a shotgun into the air. For those keeping score, this is actually the very first look at Bruce Campbell as the titular Ash. And even though it’s only a part of the upper corner of his face, it’s further proof that this show is actually a reality and that the Evil Dead creative team hasn’t just been trolling the shit out of all of us.

There’s probably some devil’s advocate out there who’s saying that this might have nothing to do with the TV show and might just be the aftermath of Campbell cutting himself shaving and then slipping on the blood and hitting his head on a toilet and cutting his head open. And I counter that by saying, “So long as it happened in his Ash vs. Evil Dead dressing room, it counts!”

The past few days have been good to those of us anxiously awaiting Campbell’s return to the role that first cemented his icon status. Starz put out a wonderfully bloody teaser the other day, in which we get to see a blood-caked chainsaw come to life. Check it out below.

With a script from Sam and Ivan Raimi, with the former helming the first episode, Ash vs. Evil Dead will see Campbell’s Ash as a lowly big box store employee who gets roped into a fateful battle as a new kind of Deadite plague appears with intentions of taking over humanity. Helping Ash on his hero’s journey are Ray Santiago’s Pablo Simon Bolivar and Dana Delorenzo’s Kelly Maxwell. Mimi Rogers recently joined the cast as Kelly’s mother Suzy, and Lucy Lawless will play Ruby, a mysterious woman who thinks that Ash is the cause of the Deadite outbreak. Then there’s Jill Marie Jones, who will play Michigan State Trooper Amanda Fisher.

Expect Season 1 of Ash vs. Evil Dead to hit Starz at some point this fall.

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