Ash Isn't The Only One With A Signature Weapon On Ash Vs Evil Dead

We’ve finally gotten to see footage from Ash Vs Evil Dead, the brand new series based on the popular film franchise, which stars Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless. Fans of The Evil Dead franchise will no doubt be aware by now that Campbell is dusting off the old chainsaw for the new series, but in a press room at San Diego Comic-Con, Lawless revealed that her character, Ruby, will have a signature weapon to defeat the Deadites, too.

She sure does. She has a very particular weapon, and it’s a dagger of sorts, but she has to be extremely careful with it. Because it has some powers which are magic.

What’s probably most interesting about this is that other former Evil Dead franchise characters—at least beyond Ash—have not really had a signature weapon, much less one that has crazy powers. Of course, we know Bruce Campbell’s Ash from his signature chainsaw and boomstick, but a magical dagger sounds a whole lot subtler but equally sweet. Speaking of weapons, I guess we do get to see newcomer Pablo (Ray Santiago) briefly brandish a broken glass bottle in the brand new trailer, although he doesn’t seem to be particularly adept at using such a weapon:

Along with the magical dagger, it’ll be nice to see Lucy Lawless kicking ass in a brand new role. The actress has appeared on Salem and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D over the last few seasons, but in Ash Vs Evil Dead she’ll delve into horror, crossing paths with Ash, who is dealing with a Deadite plague 30+ years after the events in Evil Dead. Ash will team up with two youngsters, Pablo Simon Bolivar and Kelly Maxwell, but Lawless' Ruby Knowby (relative of Raymond Knowby) will enter the picture as a character with a “huge chip on her shoulder who is hunting Ash down.” Unfortunately, while she’s doing this hunting, she won’t get to try out Ash's chainsaw. For now, Ash’s popular weapon is totally off limits to the character.

Well sawing people in half is [Ash’s] gig, I don’t think I’ll be stealing his gig. Trust me, he’s not letting me have the chainsaw. But, yes, she gets to kick some ass.

We’ve known Lawless has been involved with Ash Vs Evil Dead for several months now, but Starz’s upcoming TV series has been in the works for quite a bit longer. Luckily, we don’t have too much longer to wait for the 10-episode series. Ash Vs. The Evil Dead will premiere on Starz on October 31st, 2015. That’s right, perfect timing.

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