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What Forever Season 2 Would Have Been About

ABC’s Forever knew there was a chance the show would get cancelled as it was wrapping up its first season, so the creative team gave us a cliffhanger ending that worked to wrap up the series but left things open, too. Thus, if the show earned a second season, there would still have been plenty of questions left o be answered. Unfortunately, Forever did get axed by ABC, but this week showrunner Matt Miller has answered a ton of questions about where Forever would have gone for fans.

First and foremost, many fans were wondering at the end of Season 1 whether or not Henry would have really let Jo in on the secret. Since the show ended, I think most of us pictured Henry finally letting Jo into his life; however, Miller said in a Twitter Q&A, that Henry would not have told Jo, after all.

He was [about to tell Jo], but there would have been a complication.

Half of the fun of watching Jo and Henry’s relationship was the weird secret he always seemed to be holding over his detective pal. While they clearly were close in a lot of aspects and always respected one another, Jo never could 100% know Henry because she didn’t know the truth. Amusingly, however, Miller has also revealed that Jo wouldn’t have been the first co-worker to learn about Henry’s mortality. Instead, that honor would have gone to Lucas.

Lucas would have found out.

Other fun tidbits we would have learned would have been more background about Abe and Henry while Abe was still growing up. In addition, Miller says the show wanted to admit that Henry had another family at some point. We would have been able to meet that family during Season 2 in flashbacks, so there were a ton of directions Forever still wanted to go in.

This leads us to the clincher. Would Henry have ever died and lost his immortality, or would he have lived on at the end of the series, even if the show had gotten many seasons? Miller says the show obviously hadn’t gotten that far, but he believes the team would have tried to explain the cause, at least, although death may have been too painful.

That would have been part of the long term plan but i don't think Henry would ever have achieved death.


I would like to note there’s a chance the show could have allowed Henry to achieve mortality without forcing him to face death, but since the show is over, we’ll go ahead and leave it to your—and Miller’s—imagination as to how a longer version of Forever would have ended.

A couple of times a season, a show with an avid fanbase does get an untimely cancellation. Forever had that distinction this past season, and while the cast and crew have given us a little closure, it’s still a little tough to realize the fun police drama won’t be back.

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