ABC upset a lot of fans yesterday when the network cancelled long-running soapy drama Revenge, but that won’t be the only fan favorite and newbie series that is about to get the cancellation axe. The networks will make their final decisions over the next several weeks, but there are plenty of shows that are currently still right on the bubble, neither getting great nor horrible ratings during this year's runs. Here’s our list of 10 shows that still might have a fighting chance.

Hawaii Five-0
Hawaii Five-0, CBS
On the air for five seasons now, Hawaii Five-0 hardly has laughable ratings. Sometimes the show still nabs over 10 million total viewers—and that’s on Friday nights! So, why is it on the bubble? It doesn’t do nearly as well in the 18-49 demographic as it does with older audiences; last week it only nabbed a 1.1 rating. Plus, it has made CBS potential cancellation lists in past years. Now could be the time CBS decides to try something new on Friday nights.

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