What Kelly Osbourne Is Doing After Quitting Fashion Police

During her career, Kelly Osbourne has made a successful transition from former reality star and rock singer to sartorial expert. However, after she loudly quit Fashion Police, we had no idea where Kelly Osbourne would land. As it turns out, there are other gigs in the TV fashion realm, and her newest probably won’t even require her to be catty. This week, Osbourne announced she has joined Project Runway Junior.

Osbourne is one of the last pieces of the Project Runway Junior puzzle. Tim Gunn is back in the hosting and mentoring capacity and supermodel Hannah Davis will host. In addition to Osbourne, former Project Runway contestant Christian Siriano and Aya Kanai will be judging the kid designers who appear on the show. All of the contestants on the series will be between the ages of 14 and 17, and I can’t wait to see if Tim Gunn has any knack for dealing with emotional kids in what is sure to be a pretty high-stress, competitive situation. Also, it should be pretty interesting to see what sort of imaginative concoctions the teens are able to create at that age.

The news was made on Osbourne’s Instagram account, and she even included a photo of herself along with the other members of the judging panel. The image is totally worth including, because Christian Siriano looks totally adorbs in the photo.

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This isn’t the first time Project Runway has done something gimmicky. After 13 seasons on the air, the show has gone through numerous personality types and interesting challenges. To keep the show from growing stale, Lifetime has put together several All Stars seasons of the series, along with spinoffs like Under the Gunn and Project Accessory. The fact that now-popular designer Siriano and Kelly Osbourne are backing Project Runway Junior does seem to show that Lifetime really wants the latest spinoff to work out. Osbourne even has experience with this sort of fashion gig, having hosted Project Catwalk in the UK way back in 2007.

We won’t be getting Project Runway Junior episodes until later in the 2015-2016 TV season. Regardless, it’s nice that Osbourne has finally landed another gig, as she’s been out of the TV realm since quitting Fashion Police following the Giuliana Rancic/Zendaya controvery. You can learn more about that here.

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