Who Is In The Grave On Arrow? Here's What David Ramsey Says

Arrow is known for its flashbacks sprinkled throughout the present-day storylines, but the Season 4 premiere switched things up by gazing into the future. After establishing Team Arrow’s new conflict with Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E., the episode flash-forwarded six months to Oliver standing in front of a grave. Although Oliver is clearly emotional over the loss of this person and tells Barry Allen he’s going to kill the man responsible, they never show the name on the tombstone. Since then, fans have been speculating on which character died, and while John Diggle’s actor David Ramsey is in the dark like everyone else, he has a few thoughts on the matter.

Despite Season 4 having already undone a few deaths, Ramsey reminded EW that Arrow is still following its pattern of permanently taking a lead character off the board each season. He said:

In terms of what we do, there’s really a death every season, to some degree. They’re offing people every year. It reminds me of when I used to do Dexter. I used to go to the back to the script and see if it’s me who dies. I haven’t done that yet. I don’t know who it is.

Ramsey then delved into who the potential candidates might be, though he dismissed quite few of them. He did admit his own character John Diggle might be a contender, though he believes Diggle’s burial would be more ceremonial given his military background. However, he dismissed Felicity as an option, despite Oliver’s emotional reaction, saying that the show wouldn’t want to break up their relationship and Oliver probably wouldn’t be able to talk if she died. Ramsey also doesn’t think Thea and Laurel are likely either, given that the former is the only family Oliver has left and they wouldn’t want to have Quentin Lance dealing with another dead daughter by offing the latter. Speaking of Lance, Ramsey also doesn’t think it could be him, simply because Oliver wouldn’t be that upset over his death. Harsh words, but he might be right.

Moving away from the main characters, Ramsey then theorized on how it might be someone from Oliver’s past, like Shado’s twin sister Mei or Oliver’s Lian Yu love interest Taiana, or a character we haven’t met yet who will play an important role later this season. Then he delved into more ridiculous territory by musing whether it could someone from Earth Two; with everything going on this season, it seems doubtful Arrow would throw in the alternate world introduced on The Flash on top of everything else. Because Arrow seasons tend to usually last the same amount of time as they run in real life (i.e. around eight months), it stands to reason we’ll see who kicks the bucket sometime in March or April, unless of course the show does a big time jump next year.

You can catch Arrow Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. Who do you guys think is in the grave?

Adam Holmes
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