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Happy almost-Thanksgiving, X Factor fans! The series made use of the the holiday this week as the contestants gave thanks and in some cases, delivered dedicated performances. But tonight, two acts must go. If Lakoda Rayne is among them, I hope it means we’ll be allowed to go back to calling them “contestants.”

Rather than beginning with a group performance, tonight’s results episode had Kelly Clarkson opening the show with a performance. Later, the Final 9 took the stage for the Pepsi Choice group performance, which was a Pink medley that kicked off with “Raise your Glass.” If you do decide to raise your glass, fill it with Pepsi. I’m not sure why I just said that. Bruno Mars was the second musical guest for tonight’s episode, performing “It Will Rain.”

With two acts going home, the lowest vote-getting act was sent home with no chance to be saved by the judges. Steve had Lakoda Rayne and Drew come up on stage and then told Lakoda Rayne that they were eliminated. Nothing like tearing the bandage off quick. The girls put on smiles and declared that they’d be seen (as a group) in concert all over.

After that, Steve went about introducing all of the remaining contestants, which made Lakoda Rayne’s elimination seem more like a warm-up act. The results were dealt with normally after that, with the rest of the acts contestants either sent to safety or to the Bottom 2. Here’s how it broke down...

Drew Ryniewicz
Chris Rene
Rachel Crow
Josh Krajcik
Melanie Amaro

Bottom 2
Marcus Canty
LeRoy Bell

Looking at the Bottom 2 has me realizing that they’re really getting down to it if two guys as talented as Canty and Bell are the lowest vote-getters. For the first time this season, I don’t want either of the Bottom 2 to go. Unfortunately, that’s not an option.

Marcus delivered a strong, controlled performance that didn't blow the roof off, but did show off his potential as a solo artist. LeRoy Bell's performance was also controlled and nothing extraordinary and while well sung, was a little on the boring side. Both guys are really talented though and there's really no way to call this one other than to say that the judges might think Canty is more marketable than Bell.

Here's how the judges voted (By which contestant they want eliminated):

LA Reed - LeRoy Bell
Nicole - Marcus Canty
Paula - Marcus Canty
Simon - LeRoy Bell

It's two and two, which means "we're in deadlock." America decides who goes this week! The lowest vote-getter of the two was LeRoy Bell.

LeRoy Bell is eliminated.

Sad to see him go, though it's hard to be surprised. Bell never seemed to have a hard time finding songs that suited his fantastic voice, but unfortunately, none of them really helped sell him as a star. Hopefully his music career goes some place good beyond this competition.