You're The Worst Review: Candid, Raunchy, Funny FX Rom-Com Premieres Thursday

FX is bringing a bit of romantic comedy to their lineup with Married and You're the Worst, the latter of which comes from Weeds and Orange is the New Black scribe Stephen Falk. If there's one thing the Jenji Kohan series have in common with You're the Worst, it's their shared focus on humorously flawed but likable characters. The half-hour comedy centers on the budding relationship between a man and a woman whose personal lives are kind of a mess.

You're the Worst introduces us to British writer Jimmy (Chris Geere) as he's about to make a spectacle of himself at a wedding. Jimmy's selfish, occasionally irritable and usually up for sharing his opinions, even if it's toward/at the bride during her reception. It's during this festive evening that Jimmy's path crosses with Gretchen (Aya Cash), a woman who shies away from relationships and tends to take a cynical view of things. Naturally, they go home together and have a pretty intense would-be one-night-stand. Lots of sex and truth-revealing ensues, and because this is an FX series, we get an eyeful of their bedroom activities.

Their night together is when and where Jimmy and Gretchen's relationship should have begun and ended, however a connection sparks, and eventually, their paths cross again. These two characters are essentially set up so that they're not really perfect for anyone because they're designed to be imperfect. But their interest in one another, despite -- or maybe even because of -- their flaws is a recipe for chemistry and humor, and You're the Worst mines that for all its worth. More comedy is added thanks to outside perspectives from Jimmy and Gretchen's friends, including Jimmy's best friend and roommate Edgard (Desmin Borges) and Gretchen's BFF Lindsay (Kether Donohue).

You're the Worst dives face first into the humorous side of romance as two people's lives collide and their personal issues are laid out for each other's open inspection and our entertainment. For whatever the reason, these two characters have decided to abandon their verbal filters, which leads to open discussion about anything from sex to menstruation and whatever other topics might present themselves, whether they're in the bedroom or elsewhere.

Jimmy and Gretchen aren't bad people, but they're a bit selfish, self absorbed, cynical and narcissistic to varying degrees, and that affects the relationship that's developing between the two of them, as well as the relationships they have with others. As flawed as they are, these two characters remain likable, which is crucial, and that's a credit, in part, to the writing and to great performances from -- and chemistry between -- Geere and Cash. Casting was key here, and You're the Worst got it right. It also gets the balance between comedy and reality, pushing the boundaries (or ignoring them completely) of a more traditional rom-com, in favor of something a bit darker and more honest.

Our own Jessica Rawden didn't think much of Married, the other comedy FX is debuting Thursday night. That one may need a bit of time to settle in. But for those who like a bit of raunch and reality in their rom-com, You're the Worst gets the job done, delivering laughs and a promising introduction to what will hopefully a great and funny TV love story.

You're the Worst premieres Thursday, July 17 at 10:30 p.m. ET on FX.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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