A Survivor 41 Castmate Is Talking A Lot Of Smack Following Elimination

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Read on only if you’ve watched the Nov. 3 episode of Survivor 41!

The latest tribal council on Survivor 41 was probably the most “live” it has ever been in the history of the show. There was a fake idol, a real idol and the Shot in the Dark played for the very first time. The contestants even had to do two rounds of whispered, last-minute strategy-making. When all was said and done, though, it was Sydney Segal who found herself on the wrong end of the votes. Following her elimination, the ousted castmate has since been talking a lot of smack about CBS and her fellow players.

The beginning of the end for Sydney Segal was really Erika Casupanan’s decision to flip the merge group immunity. If Casupanan hadn’t done so, Segal would literally still be in the game and Xander Hastings would have been in a serious pickle. In an interview with Us Weekly, Segal called the merge twist that sent her packing “the stupidest shit ever” and claimed that CBS’ ratings were going to “fucking plummet” because of her exit. She also told Entertainment Weekly:

I mean, it's not even a twist — it's a lie. We're told one thing and then something else happens. And I think it achieved exactly what it intended to achieve. That challenge was meant for strong players to win. And then that hourglass twist was intended to get a strong player out of the game. And as I said a million times before, I'm the threat of threats, so that hourglass did me dirty. But congratulations, CBS, for achieving exactly what you wanted to achieve. And that was to get a very strong player out and keep a lamb in.

It's certainly interesting that Sydney Segal thinks she was the ultimate threat on the island. I can think of a few other big hitters that would technically outrank her in that department. Namely, Evvie Jagoda (who managed to have Xander Hastings still on her side, even after it came out that she spilled his secrets earlier in the game) and Shan Smith (who is single-handedly killing it as the season’s villain). Given that Segal wasn't given much screentime at all prior to the last tribal, her recent claims are coming across as those of the infamous Noura Salman (Survivor: Island of the Idols) – big personality but not a lot of big moves.

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To be fair, playing for the Shot in the Dark was the best thing Sydney Segal could have done at that moment. (If it had panned out in her favor, then Evvie Jagoda would’ve been out instead.) Nevertheless, she has some harsh comments for the players still left in the game. In fact, she told EW that she played the new twist precisely because she didn't want to leave it in these “fucking losers’ hands.”

Sydney Segal continued that she didn't trust Deshawn Radden and Naseer Muttalif while on the show, saying of the latter that he was “extremely difficult to live with.” Moreover, the latest eliminated Survivor 41 contestant had quite a lot to say about Heather Aldret, the oldest player still left. Though Segal takes “20 percent of the blame” for the evidently terrible relationship, she said that Aldret was frequently “disparaging” and acted like “a 52-year-old child.” She explained,

Because she was very holier-than-thou, I would say. She's just such a know-it-all. You can't say anything without her [making] the conversation about herself. I would say, like, ‘Oh, pretty rock.’ She'd be like, ‘Oh, that rock reminds me of the rock me and Bubba used to go fishing on.’ I'm like, ‘Okay, well, Bubba would be really upset right now because every time you cast the fucking reel, you come back with fucking nothing.’ Or you say ‘toothpick,’ And it's like, ‘Oh my husband, Jay, he's an ophthalmologist. And he says if you stab a guy with a toothpick you're going to go blind.’ So I'm just like, "I wanna go fucking kill myself.’

Yet again, this is surprising to hear coming from Sydney Segal because fans didn't exactly see her strategize or talk a lot on Survivor 41. (The same goes for Heather Aldret.) But what's even more surprising is that Segal apparently had been told from other players “from both sides” since the show ended that her vote out was the beginning of the end for them. On that note, Segal said,

That was further validation I was exactly where I wanted to be. So my gameplay was fantastic. But the game decided that it wanted to get interesting people out. So the monster in the game is really just the monster of killing fucking good personalities.

Survivor 41 is now at the individual portion of the game, but the remaining contestants are seemingly split into racial alliances. The Yase three look to be in the deeper trouble, with some cracks possibly forming in the Survivor “Cookout” alliance. To find out what happens, check out new episodes on CBS on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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