America’s Got Talent’s Howie Mandel Rushed To Hospital After Passing Out At A Starbucks

America’s Got Talent's Howie Mandel was rushed to the hospital after an alarming event at a Los Angeles-area Starbucks. An ambulance took the judge and comedian to a nearby hospital after he passed out while outside the coffee shop, in what witnesses described as a shocking event. 

Howie Mandel, who turns 66 in late November, was at his local Starbucks with his wife and friends when he unexpectedly passed out. TMZ reported Mandel fell over and then had to lie back on a cement bench to recover. Paramedics arrived on the scene, and apparently, Mandel was able to sit up by that time. 

Reports say low blood sugar possibly played a factor in the collapse and that Howie Mandel is undergoing tests at the hospital to further investigate what happened. Mandel hasn’t posted on social media since the incident but is often active on Twitter and other social media platforms. 

Any issues Howie Mandel may have with blood sugar weren't so public before now, but the actor has been candid with his fanbase about some of the health struggles he goes through. Mandel is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as mysophobia, or a fear of germs. That said, it doesn’t seem likely either played a part in this medical event or if either exacerbated the issue in any way. 

The Ellen Show welcomed Howie Mandel on its program just a day prior to the Starbucks incident, and based on the segment he did on the series, it didn’t appear anything was off with the comedian. In fact, Mandel put on a show for the camera and even dropped his pants to show off just how much he loved his Ellen underwear.

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Howie Mandel’s been a fixture on television since the early 1980s and first captured the attention of American audiences with a six-year run on the series St. Elsewhere. (No one ever looked at plastic gloves the same way.) He’s since gone on to do voice work for prominent fictional characters, random appearances on late-night television, and of course, found work on primetime network television as a judge and host. Mandel hosted Deal or No Deal at the height of its popularity and later joined the judges’ panel of America’s Got Talent in Season 5.

America’s Got Talent is no stranger to its judges having unexpected health problems. Prior to this, the NBC series had to make some adjustments when judge Simon Cowell broke his back while riding an electric motor-bike and couldn't appear on the show for a while. The NBC competition series is not presently in-season, with the Mandel-free Extreme spinoff airing next, so it’s possible that Mandel could deal with any related health and get back to his duties as a judge without missing any time on the show whatsoever. Honestly, it just depends on the severity of what’s going on and whether this Starbucks incident was just a one-off issue or an indicator of a larger problem. 

CinemaBlend would like to offer its best wishes to Howie Mandel and a speedy recovery. Hopefully, he’s already on the mend and ready to resume normal activities soon. 

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