One Big Way Simon Cowell Worked To Fully Recover From His Major Back Injury

Simon Cowell on X-Factor

As busy as Simon Cowell is, many have to wonder when he ever takes the time to relax, but the music producer and America's Got Talent judge was forced to take it easy last year after he broke his back. The incident occurred when he fell off his then-new electric motorcycle at his home. Cowell is up and about again, but it seems he’s still slightly on the mend and trying to find ways to keep himself fit. Well, he’s found one big way, and it really shows his dedication to the recovery process.

Seeing that he’s a music mogul, businessman and TV star, it sometimes feels like Simon Cowell can do just about anything. Well, you can add another impressive feat as well. According to DailyMail, Cowell reportedly walks over 40 miles per week to assist in his recovery. The trade mentions that Cowell reportedly makes it a goal to walk several hours a day and even holds early morning business meetings so that he doesn’t feel like a “vampire.” It definitely sounds like he’s enjoying his new regimen, which he even views as a silver lining to the situation.

When you consider what Simon Cowell has been doing to assist with his recovery, it’s no wonder he’s been able to get back to his day-to-day activities. But things were honestly looking a bit scary for a while.

Simon Cowell was immediately taken to the hospital after his fall last August, and it quickly was determined that he would need surgery. The eventual procedure would ultimately last five hours, with Cowell’s rep noting at the time that everything went well. Even in the midst of the turbulence though, Cowell managed to keep a good sense of humor about the situation by poking fun at himself for falling off the bike.

Many of Simon Cowell’s colleagues still showed a significant amount of concern for him, though. X-Factor colleague Sinitta noted that it was a “very, very scary” situation for both the star and the people who care for him.

But months later, Simon Cowell seems to be doing more than well. He’s not only walking every day but, by the end of last year, he was already riding a jet ski like a pro. And around the same time, he was even looking into new work ventures as well.

Simon Cowell’s recent injury also came with a bit of advice from colleague Randy Jackson, who served as a judge alongside Cowell on American Idol. Jackson, who’s had surgery on his spine, expressed his joy regarding Cowell’s improvement and noted that he likes to kid his friend by telling him to “respect your body, yo!”

It’s great to see Simon Cowell getting back to his old self and getting into an exercise routine that works for him. He’s showing true determination, and it could indeed serve as a bit of a motivator for anyone else looking to jump into a regular exercise schedule.

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