Barry: 6 Things To Remember Before Season 3

Bill Hader in Barry on HBO
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Barry returns to HBO with a new episode for the first time in almost 3 years. Barry Season 3 is sure to answer long-standing questions fans had about one of Bill Hader’s best projects for some time now, assuming they can remember what happened to begin with. 

Let’s be honest, a lot of things have happened in the past three years, and some of us have even forgotten Henry Winkler won an Emmy for his role on Barry. While some viewers will undoubtedly binge Season 1 and 2 with their HBO Max subscriptions to try and catch up, not everybody has the time. With that in mind, here are some key things from past episodes to serve as a refresher to what has happened so far, so that those watching the premiere and the rest of Season 3 don’t feel so out of the loop. 

Bill Hader in Barry

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Barry’s New Life As An Actor Was Jeopardized When He Killed Janice Moss

At the end of Barry Season 1, it seemed like the hitman turned actor might actually succeed in his career change. He managed to tell his hitman handler Fuches he was done with crime, and entered a relationship with the girl from his acting class, Sally. His acting (inspired by Bill Hader’s experience on Saturday Night Live) was coming along well too, as his teacher Gene Cousineau was so impressed by his hitman monologue that he told his new girlfriend Janice Moss about it. 

Unfortunately, Detective Janice Moss had been in pursuit of a hitman all season, and realized after a bit of digging Barry was that hitman. Barry begged Janice just to let it go, but when she refused, he killed her in a desperate attempt to protect his new normal life. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve Barry’s problems, and he faced a lot more of them throughout Season 2.

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Fuches Told Gene That Barry Killed Janice

Fuches didn’t like that Barry walked away from their partnership, and spent a majority of Season 2 trying to force the former hitman back under his wing. His schemes were largely unsuccessful until he uncovered the location where Barry hid Janice Moss’ car. From there, Fuches posed as a detective, and after tricking Gene to come along with him, showed him her body. Fuches then attempts to frame Gene for the murder, and while that’s ultimately unsuccessful, he had a backup plan that will absolutely have bigger implications in Barry Season 3. 

Towards the end of the season finale, we learn that Fuches told Gene just before he fled that Barry was the person who killed Janice. It’s unclear at this time how Gene is going to act with that information, but the assumption is he’ll likely want vengeance for his dead lover. The question is how he’ll get it knowing Barry is able to kill just about anyone even if he doesn’t want to, which might be why Henry Winkler was so nervous about his character. Obviously, this is why we’re all so excited for Barry Season 3, right?

Bill Hader in Barry.

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Barry Killed A Lot Of People In The Season 2 Finale

Barry didn’t want to continue killing people after Season 1, and for the most part, he succeeded. That all went out the window in the Season 2 finale, however, when an enraged Barry stormed a compound filled with the previously warring now unified three gangs thanks to Fuches. Barry managed to clear the compound of nearly everyone inside, with the exception of Fuches and fortunately, NoHo Hank. 

The finale proved that Barry is still more than capable of unlocking his murderous rage if the situation calls for it, but is that something he wants to keep on doing in Barry Season 3? I personally believe that Barry isn’t going to let Fuches live if he can help it, as he’s already proven how dangerous he can be to Barry alive. It also seems like trouble finds Barry regardless, so I’m sure the killing streak will continue throughout Season 3. 

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Fuches Escaped Barry And Is Still Alive

As previously mentioned, Fuches is loose and on the run. For Barry, that’s a bad thing because Fuches has the power to bring his whole life down, and Fuches has already shown he’s motivated in doing it. Then again, Fuches only just escaped death the last time Barry came after him, so I think it’s fair to say he’d think twice before trying to hatch another scheme. 

At the same time, one has to think a smooth talker like Fuches has connections and maybe even someone more capable of taking down Barry than he is. I’d fully expect Fuches to remain the main antagonist in Barry Season 3, but this show has remained fairly unpredictable so far. So, perhaps we’ll get surprised and get a quicker ending to Barry and Fuches’ feud than expected? 

Anthony Carrigan in Barry on HBO

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NoHo Hank And Barry Are On The Outs

I’m not sure I’d ever call NoHo Hank and Barry friends, but I’m sure Hank and many viewers would’ve liked for that. Instead, the goofy Chechen gangster who saved Barry in Season 1 got angry when Barry wouldn’t help him kill another rival butting in on his territory. Hank even tries to get a crew together to kill Barry, but after that goes spectacularly wrong, Barry offers to train the Chechen gang so they can handle business on their own. 

In the end, it’s a moot point because all the gangs form an alliance. Of course, when Hank is the only one left standing following Barry’s rampage and Fuches escape, he’s credited for handling the chaos by Batir, the person sent to be his successor. Could Hank and Barry be besties one day in the future? I’d like to think so, but that could be because I really want it to happen. 

Sarah Goldberg on HBO

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Sally Found Success With Her Acting After Tension With Barry

Sally and Barry’s relationship in Season 2 was complicated, to say the least. While Barry struggled with his own secrets in Barry Season 2, Sally found success with a story in which she stood up to her ex-husband Sam and left him. Sally confessed to Barry later she fudged the details of the story, and left him in the night and not in the powerful telling she performed. Withholding the reality of the situation leaves Sally conflicted, especially when Sam shows up to see it. 

Ultimately Sally performs the scene and finds success, though she and Barry are often on different wavelengths in Season 2. For example, Sally finds herself jealous of Barry for getting an audition for a Jay Roach movie (I hope it’s Austin Powers 4), despite him not knowing that a feature and movie are the same thing. It’ll be interesting to see how their dynamic continues to play out in Barry Season 3, and if the two will be able to stay together another season. 

Barry Season 3 airs on HBO on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. ET. Get ready for what should be an exciting season, and hopefully, one that’ll make up for the long wait between seasons.

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