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Below Deck's Aesha Scott Reflects On Whether She Holds A Grudge Against Jack Stirrup And His Romantic Betrayal

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A standout relationship to see play out on Below Deck: Mediterranean's fourth season was the one between Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup. What started as a goofy kindredness between them eventually blossomed into stolen kisses onboard and, later, the two leaving the boat together as a rather cute couple. Unfortunately, it would come out that the reality stars broke up under less-than-ideal circumstances. Scott has lately reflected on whether she still holds a grudge against her ex and his alleged romantic betrayal.

What Happened Between Aesha Scott And Jack Stirrup

First, let’s rewind. As far as fans knew after the Season 4 finale, the two rode off into the sunset. But while on the Below Deck: Mediterranean After Show, Aesha Scott revealed the circumstances around their split. As she would tell it, they were still very much together – and even in the midst of planning for Scott to visit England – when she learned on Instagram stories that Jack Stirrup had gotten back with his ex-girlfriend from before the show. At the After Show, Scott said,

He doesn't deal with things like adults should deal with things; he runs away from things. I think he just gets too caught up in the moment, and he doesn't think about the future and the consequences. And then he probably went home and was like, 'Oh, fuck, that's right. I've got this other girl here.' Like, 'what have I done' kind of thing... If he said like, 'Oh, let's not do anything.' But instead of that, he was just like, 'I'm just gonna run away from it and bury my head and pretend it hasn't happened.'

Aesha Scott would reiterate her version of events on both Watch What Happens Live and the subsequent fifth season of Below Deck: Mediterranean. (A season which has become infamous with Hannah Ferrier’s infamous firing by Captain Sandy over drugs.) For his part, on the After Show, Jack Stirrup would only attest that he realized their relationship wasn’t “reality” and he “called it a day.”

How Aesha Scott Feels About Jack Stirrup Now

Whatever the case may be, their fling/relationship ended almost three years ago now in 2019. Speaking to Page Six more recently about Jack Stirrup, Aesha Scott shared that they had a “fun time” and she, ultimately, isn’t too salty anymore about the way things ended. In fact, she claims he called her up after the Below Deck: Mediterranean season and “really apologized.” She said,

I literally haven’t spoken to him in like a year and a half or something but it’s definitely not negative. I don’t like to hold grudges and kind of keep a negative energy in my space. If someone is sorry and I feel like they’re genuine, I’m going to forgive them and move on.

And they have both moved on! Jack Stirrup hasn’t been seen again on TV, but per Bravo, he did welcome his first child in April 2020. Conversely, Scott has returned to the franchise (a move Hannah Ferrier would consider on one condition) and has even taken up the chief stew mantle in the new Below Deck: Down Under spinoff.

I guess it’s all water under the super yacht these days… at least they never had to weather a paternity scandal! For more of the drama, check out the first three episodes of Aesha Scott and company on Below Deck: Down Under with a Peacock subscription, but new episodes stream Thursdays on the platform weekly.

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