Bryan Cranston, Jesse Pinkman And More From The Cast Of Breaking Bad, Season 1 VS The End

Bryan Cranston and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad
(Image credit: AMC)


When chemistry teacher Walter White first decided to "break bad" and cook up drugs as a desperate attempt to leave his family in prosperity after his inevitable death from cancer, people were instantly hooked on the rush of seeing just how far he was willing to go to reach that security.  Over the course of the 5 seasons, Walter leaves a lot of damage in his wake and it sure shows in how haggard the characters look when he was finished with them.  

Luckily fans didn’t have to wait long to get more Breaking Bad since creator Vince Gilligan continued the thrills with spin off, Better Call Saul.  If you want to get the full effect of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad, you can watch the two series together in this perfectly curated order.  Flip through these photos to see how much damage occurred throughout the original series.

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