Caitríona Balfe Talks Weirdest Outlander Fan Encounter She's Had And The Dentist Is Involved

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Most adults know at least two things about life. One is that being famous might be fun, but celebrities also frequently have to deal with disconcerting fan encounters. The second is that pretty much no one enjoys going to the dentist, even if you manage to do it every time you’re supposed to. Unfortunately for Outlander star Caitríona Balfe, those two very disparate facts of life converged for her when she had a weird fan encounter of her own while at a dentist appointment.

How Was Caitríona Balfe’s Fan Encounter At The Dentist Weird?

I think it would be fair to say that Caitríona Balfe shot to stardom once Outlander fans saw her as our beloved feisty, devoted, and recently traumatized ​​Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser on the hit Starz romantic drama. With Balfe and her co-star, Sam Heughan, having celebrated their seventh anniversary working on the series last August, you can bet that she has a ton of fans, and has had plenty of interactions with them. 

But, as Balfe recently told her Belfast co-star, Jamie Dornan, during a game for Elle UK, one fan decided to let their love for her and Outlander be known at a very odd time:

I was getting put under for a dental procedure and the anesthesiologist was a massive, massive Outlander fan. She came with a cup, and then started to sing the theme tune to me as I was going under. So that was definitely a strange experience.

If your thoughts right now are somewhere along the lines of, “Eeeeeegad!” you can rest easy knowing that Dornan agrees with you. While he and Balfe both giggled during her retelling of the incident, he responded to her story by saying, “That’s terrifying!” and then wondering aloud about the possibility that this eager anesthesiologist took photos of Balfe with her cup while she was under, to which she replied, “Probably!”

My guess is that Balfe is just glad that she managed to get out of there alive, OK? I don’t know about you, but if I were the star of an immensely popular television show and someone sang the theme to me right as I was about to be unconscious and at their mercy, it would creep me the fuck out. 

This is especially true for the dreamy, lilting, ethereal-sounding Outlander theme, “The Skye Boat Song,” which made a big change for Season 6 and is definitely one of the reasons the show is the best on TV. It does my heart good to know that I, clearly, am not the only one cynical enough to see the singing of that tune by a stranger as I gently fade out under anesthesia as a preamble to murdering. I probably would have fallen right out of that dental chair in a drowsy, last ditch effort to get away. 

While Caitríona Balfe didn’t say that she did such a thing, luckily it wasn’t necessary anyway, as everything clearly turned out fine. Which is a very good thing for all of us! The complicated sounding Outlander Season 6 will finally hit Starz on March 6, but for more to watch, check out the other upcoming romantic TV shows, and all of the 2022 TV premiere dates

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