There's no denying that we've been experiencing an era of peak TV for a few years now, but I believe there's one show that stands above the rest when it comes to offering viewers everything they could want. And that show, my friends, is the Starz epic, Outlander. The time-traveling drama, which will enter into its fourth season this fall, hasn't really made a misstep yet.

While some of that success is certainly due to the jam-packed and endlessly intriguing source material, which is Diana Gabaldon's novel series of the same name, it's also true that the show has been able to modify the events of those books in ways that manage to satisfy book fans and newcomers to the story alike, something that's incredibly hard to do. So, here for you, are the five reasons why Outlander is the best damn show on television right now.

Outlander Has Malleable Opening Credits

Not many shows bother to give you clues as to what you can expect from the season (or specific episodes) by switching up the opening credits sequence, but Outlander is not your standard TV show. The opening credits of the drama have always shown a variety of scenes from the current season, with just enough information in each of them that, as the season moves along, you can see what events in the show those scenes were pulled from. And, while the scenes featured change a bit every season (and during the season) to reflect the new plotlines in the drama, something Outlander does that literally no other show does is change the opening theme song. What? I know!

The most recognizable uses of this technique so far were in Season 2, when the theme song was sung in French for the show's time in Paris, and in Season 3, when Claire, Jamie and some assorted friends and family members found themselves on an unexpected journey to Jamaica. In that last instance, the signature bagpipes of the opening theme were gone, and the percussion was given a vey Caribbean feel to let viewers in on the dangerous trip to come. It's rare to look forward to the opening credits of a TV show, but after seeing what Outlander has done in Seasons 1 through 3, I can't wait to see how things will change for Season 4 when it debuts later this year.

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