Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing After Injuries In Survivor 44's Premiere Season

Spoilers ahead for the season premiere of Survivor 44.

It's an exciting time for the generations of Survivor fans out there, as Season 44's two-hour premiere just debuted on CBS. While viewers were introduced to a new group of castaways, there was one startling thing many of them had in common: medical emergencies. The show's host/producer Jeff Probst called for medical three times in the episode, with one contestant taken out of the game on night one. As a result, fans are all saying the same thing after all those injuries in the Survivor premiere. Namely, do these people have death wishes?

Survivor is aptly titled, as it does force the contestants to live out in the wild. And as such, there have been plenty of injuries and medical evacuations over the years. But three in one episode? That's something else. Plenty of Survivor fans sounded off on Twitter during the recent two-hour premiere, many of whom poked fun at Matthew for his truly brutal fall while trying to climb a rock. Check out one such meme below: 

While this is a funny enough meme to the Survivor premiere, there is some truth to it. Matthew wasn't the only one to need medical throughout that episode, although his injury was perhaps the most preventable. Why exactly was he climbing up that rock again?

Matthew will seemingly be dealing with a dislocated shoulder for the remainder of his time in the game, but at least he's still there. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for fellow contestant Bruce Perreault, who ended up being he first person eliminated this season. He took a hard hit to the head in the first challenge, with blood shooting out in HD, slow motion. While he was looked after and traveled to camp, he was eventually evacuated later that night when having intense head pain. Another Survivor tweet took notice of how many injuries have already happened, posting:

They're not wrong. Indeed, there was a third time that Jeff Probst called in medical during the Survivor 44 premiere. During the first Immunity Challenge, Brandon Cottom ended up overheating and needing professional attention. For the second time that episode a challenge was paused, while Brandon was brought into the shade and given fluids. Luckily he was also able to continue his game, but this has to be some sort of record.

Matthew's Survivor fall from that giant rock quickly started circulating online, understandably show. It hit the audience (and the contestant) out of nowhere, especially as he fell into such a hard surface. As a reminder, check it out below:

Ouch. The memes just keep rolling in about that first episode of Survivor, especially related to the various injuries that occurred throughout the premiere. This includes some funny ones about the medical team that we saw so much of, check it out below:

Seriously, that chief medic should basically be considered a Survivor 44 cast member at this point. But you can tell how much care is available for the contestants while filming, and how production tried to keep them safe/in the game. Unfortunately, we did already get our first medical evacuation of the season. Hopefully everyone else is able to protect themselves. Otherwise the cast might look like this:

While the Season 44 premiere of Survivor was brutal, it's going to need a few more emergency exits before it becomes the top medevac season of all time. That currently goes to Season 32: Kaoh Rong. Three different contestants were taken out of the game that season, for a variety of reasons. What's more, a number of them contracted staph infections on their injuries. Another reaction tweet referenced that season, check it out:

While it remains to be seen how Survivor 44 ultimately plays out, it's clear that the first episode made a strong impression on fans. And if social media is similarly active as we get deeper into the season, it might be one for the record books. It certainly started with a bang.

Survivor airs new episodes Wednesdays on CBS. In the meantime, check out the TV premiere list to plan your next movie experience. 

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